How to Buy a Home Fast

If you are looking to buy a house quickly, there are some steps you will need to take. These include learning how to package your offer, simplifying the process for mortgage lenders, and finally, negotiating with the seller.

Waiving the home inspection

If the house is of the right size, in satisfactory condition, and in an acceptable location then it might be worth considering buying as-is. This means that you will not make an offer based on contingencies and that you’ll be waiving your right to a home inspection prior to closing.

This is risky for both parties. The seller probably wants to make sure they are getting more money than what they would by selling it without fixing it up, and you want to know that if something goes wrong then you won't be left holding the tab. If you bought it with no money down and nothing in reserves, then this could put you at a grave disadvantage. If the house is reasonably priced to begin with, however, or if most of your savings are still untouched, then purchasing a home as-is could be a good solution for you. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re financing your home, your mortgage lender may not allow you to make an as-is offer.

Packaging an offer

Packaging your offer will save you time and money if done correctly. Packaging an offer basically means including something with the offer to the seller that’s hard to refuse. Usually, this happens during your initial offer or counter-offer. For example, maybe you would be willing to pay more money if they made expensive home repairs before closing. Packaging an offer is a way of removing risk from the process and helps to speed it up. It can also help you get a better deal because the seller is well aware of what they are getting into right from the start.

If a seller is unreasonable, however, there is not much else you can do. In some cases, it might be worth walking away from the house in favor of a better deal. If you have been working on your offer all night and can't find anything else that meets your needs, for example, then you might have to accept the fact that there are other houses out there or walk away with time wasted.

You could also make an offer that’s above asking, and sometimes, this can be the fastest way to buy a home. However, keep in mind that you may also be competing with others who are making offers above asking.

Provide detailed information to your mortgage lender as soon as possible

Lenders will be interested in any offer you make and may ask for more information about it. The sooner you can provide all requested information, the more it will help speed things along. These include things like:

  • Listing details
  • A property disclosure statement
  • Declarations, warranties, and indemnities
  • Disclosure of the condition of the home or other information that is pertinent to your application for finance

Whatever you are asked to provide, make sure it's complete and accurate.


You can negotiate anything from closing dates and financing to cash offers and more. You may be required to provide more information about your offer as part of this process. Most of the work involved with negotiating is trying to find out what you can get away with asking for and then convincing the seller that it's in their best interest. This will often require some research on your part as well, so be prepared to do a little digging around before making your initial offer. If the home has been for sale for a while, you may have more negotiating power and the ability to close on the home faster.

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