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How Much to Spend on Diamond Engagement Rings?

When you are planning to take your love to the next level, you will always want to make sure everything is perfect. However what makes the occasion special is the ring and a heartfelt proposal. After all this one occasion would be cherished by you and your better half as one of the best moments in your life

Points to Ponder

Buying this piece of jewelry does not seem difficult but when you visit the store and start staring at the rows of rings which are available in different shapes, sizes and prices you would find it very confusing and would not be able to make the correct decision. Hence doing some research before buying the engagement ring will help you choosing and deciding on how much you should be spending for an engagement ring.

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  • Cost of Wedding Bands: The wedding rings are the most important and the most expensive jewelry so we should surely put a budget on it. The average female band cost is around $1,100 while band for men costs around $510. The wedding bands are generally made of white gold which is a popular choice for most women while tungsten is favored by men.
  • Checking where people buy wedding rings: Most people buy most of the necessities online. However when it comes to buying the wedding bands couples prefer gong to jewelry shops. Some of them opt for local retailer while others go to national/regional jewelry chain.
  • Spending on an engagement ring: A person who is thinking of buying an engagement ring should first think of the budget. This would make all the decision going forward easier. You can then think if you are looking for a better quality of a diamond or would you like to sacrifice on the quality and get a bigger diamond. Some couple even goes for simple bands with a smaller diamond to minimize the expenses. Not everyone can save three months of their salary to buy a huge diamond of good quality to impress their better half. You should always make sure that you would be comfortable with paying off for the ring and it may not be a burden to you after your marriage.  Make sure you calculate your current income and bills and determine if the purchase of an expensive ring affect your peaceful married life.
  • Partners Expectation: Discuss with your partner on what type of engagement ring do they want or dream about. Your main motive should be a ring which your partner will love regardless of the price. You can look around different jewelry shops before deciding on purchasing the wedding bands. Involve your partner’s friend who can help you in finding the right ring.
  • Buying jewelry online: Best way to save money on an engagement ring is to buy it online. You can select a reputed online retailer and select the rings from the wide range they offer you in your budget. You also get the option to customize the ring according to your needs.