7 Facts That Make Instagram the Perfect Marketing Tool for Graphic Designers

According to, with over 500 million daily active users sharing more than eighty millions posts every day, Instagram is now home to a massive 1 billion monthly active users and counting. The platform has come a long way since its origination in 2010, and businesses and emerging brands have taken note of this success. Being a visually appealing platform, it is very obvious that Instagram delivers a unique artistic accent, making it a perfect stage for budding and established graphic designers to showcase their work on the platform and increase their follower rate.

As per reports, graphic designers have started to promote their works and glimpses of their upcoming projects to this immensely growing channel and if you follow the top designing houses or professionals, you will find that most of them now have an Instagram account. With so many small businesses and brands already showing their presence on the platform, you might think of how to break into the success and make the most of the marketing channel. Besides, Instagram is relatively a new marketing platform and new apps are always on the roll to make the user experience seamless. If you are wondering where to begin with, check out some of the top benefits of Instagram marketing and how to avail them for your graphic design business:

Around One-third of Instagram Users Avail the App for Online Purchase

Regardless of the type of industry, you are operating in or the kind of business you are running, if you are promoting your brand heavily, the end result is sales, which is something every marketer strives for. As an aspiring or professional graphic designer, the medium of sales through a marketing channel starts from how many interactions you are able to engage in. Nevertheless, the sales of your work guide the bottom line of your entire marketing campaign and you will be glad to know that over one-third of Instagram users avail the channel to buy an online product. As mentioned above, the platform is growing heavily and already provides a home to more than one billion users, making it more likely to boost your sales than any other existing online advertising tool.

Instagram is Equipped with Extensive Retargeting Capabilities

Assuming the fact that you have done your calculations and know how many Instagram users are there and their possibility to make a purchase, it is time to understand how to put this data into motion for your profit. Ever since Facebook occupied Instagram, the capabilities of the platform were never the same. It is currently the most advanced social media marketing platform that allows you to target audiences on the basis of age, behavior, interests, and location, just like it is on Facebook. Such a phenomenon in the marketing world is known as “cold targeting”, which demonstrates the people who are unaware of your designing work and need to be warmed up for being your client in the coming time. Also, Instagram offers great retargeting capabilities by creating retargeting communities entirely based on customer email lists, post engagement, video views and so on. For more information, you can connect with Instagram marketing experts such as Gramblast and boost your follower rate.

Allows You to Easily Track Sales and Leads

The benefits of Instagram are easily visible, but there are many marketers who invest in channels without even understanding the effectiveness of it. As Instagram utilizes similar Ads Manager platform like Facebook, it is also equipped with similar tracking abilities and allows you to see everything from link clicks to lead generation and conversions. This basically provides you the liberty to analyze the cost per result in any marketing campaign you run for your graphic design work. Tracking metrics make Instagram one of the ideal platforms for beginners and offers them a clear view of the ROI.

Distinguishing Business Profiles and Personal Profiles

When you switch your personal account to the business account on Instagram, you unlock a whole new level of tools and outstanding features to promote your work exceptionally. Some of the amazing features include the ability to advertise your content with ad dollars, having a profound call to action for your profile visitors and access to performance insights. Apart from that, it provides Instagram users and your followers with reliable information that the account they are engaging with is a professional one.

Helps You in Building a Trustworthy Audience Base

Instagram is perfect for paid advertisements and it also comes with organic functionality that distinguishes the platform from any other marketing channel. The platform lets you build your follower base organically which helps in forming a very natural relationship with your followers that can also become your potential client in the future. In addition, Instagram is known for the effects of the grassroots movement that means the more followers you have, the more it will keep adding to the list every day. Gaining word-of-mouth following can be great for your business especially when you are new to the designing industry.

Fortifies the Relationship with Users

Adding to the benefits of Instagram benefits, the channel also offers a lot of user engagement without even paying for it, thanks to the organic nature of the platform. Compared to all other social media marketing channels, Instagram witnesses ten times higher user engagement with brands and professionals. Such data makes it more likely for strengthening your relationship with your followers and prospective customers. Moreover, Instagram manages to create transparency and responsiveness, bracing the feeling of trust in between followers and your work.

The Visual-Only Nature

Finally, the reason why Instagram serves the need of graphic designers better than any other platform is that of its immersive photo-centric nature. The channel is solely composed of visual content and can be accompanied by text in the form of a caption, although it is not always mandatory. Additionally, videos and images outperform text when it comes to social media engagement and results.


Instagram enables to fuel your various marketing efforts on a consistent basis that is required for the success of your graphic design services. Keep these benefits in mind and ensure a long-term marketing success on the channel.

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